The Epic Trip to Thailand Part III – Phuket

Our little house we rented was so perfect. It was literally on the beach – about 80 feet from the waters edge. We spent the week adventuring around the island.

The first day we just walked down our little beach, and then out to the road and back around. We got our bearings of where we were and where food was (important!). We relaxed in the water. We had so much fun!

<img ” src=”” alt=”DSC_0015″ width=”640″ height=”427″ style=”display:none”/>This picture was taken on our first morning in Phuket. We were all awake so early (thanks jetlag!) so we went on this beautiful walk down the beach. Our little house is about half way up the beach from where we are standing.

Our little beach house was perfect! It looks like it’s been there forever, but really it was only about two years old. It was a great little place to relax for a week!

This is our beach from our walk that first morning. See how there are NO WAVES at all? That was so nice with little Nate and Roo – I didn’t have to worry about them getting knocked over in the water. And it was so shallow and warm!

We walked around to get our bearings and figure out where things were.

We found a little shake shack at the top of the hill above the beach. The family that ran it also helped us with Taxi services.

Looking out at the kids playing in the water from the porch of our little beach house. (Camera was on a weird setting, thus the black outlines of everything).

Playing in the water.

Playing at the beach. It was such a beautiful place!


Up the hill from the beach we found a little book store run by two cute Thai women. They would also make you food. It’s where we ate most of the time.

After our fun day on the beach we knew we needed to find a few essentials. The taxis were too expensive to make it a viable option for the week, so we decided to take a Taxi into Phuket city (other side of the island) and rent a car for the week. This opened up a whole new set of activity options for us!

When we got to the rental agency, they didn’t have a vehicle big enough for us. They had to bring one from the airport at the top of the island. So we just walked around Phuket city – we were actually right on the beach, but it’s not the most family friendly beach, so we decided to not go over there. Instead we wandered up and down the shops and did some souveneir shopping for a couple hours.

We finally got so hot and sweaty from walking around that we decided to duck into the McDonalds for the air conditioning and an ice cream cone to wait out the rest of our time till our rental car care.

We were all sweaty and hot!



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