Little Miss Sunshine

…is our constant ray of happiness.

She was called to be the first counselor in the Mia Maids. She will be perfect for the job. Olivia is friendly and aware of others and always inclusive. I love that about her.

But then . . . there is that I love about her.

Olivia takes the best selfies!

She also played “Deborah Sue” in Bye Bye Birdie, the school play at DPMS.

She heard about the play, talked half of her friends into auditioning with her, and then went to rehearsals almost every single day after school since November! It all culminated in a week of performances that were just fantastic (I should know, I went to every one!).

We went to Freddy’s every night after the play for ice cream & other goodies.

It was so rad to see Olivia decide a course and then take on the work it required to accomplish her goal. She did an excellent job, and she decides it is, theater will be a great experience for her in the coming years.

Oh, and one more thing: she has also been on the high honor roll every quarter this school year. And I’ve never asked her to do her homework once!

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