On Sunday night we were driving home from the Smiths and I got a call from Wesley. He was on his way to the ER. He had to spend some time in the hospital, and I had Olivia and Calvin make videos and send him messages to cheer him up. Olivia made this funny music video and sent it to him.

Because of a lot of emotional and difficult things I went to be with him in the hospital on Tuesday morning.

While there I showed him Olivia’s video (he hadn’t seen it because she sent it late the night before, after his mother had left). I thought making a video back to Olivia might cheer him up. So we put together this little thing during the few hours I was there.

Wesley's music video

We had such a fun time putting this together. Hahaha!

On Wednesday Care-bear went in to be induced with baby #3! Asher Cove Mikell was born that afternoon. We had Parker and Avery at our house for a couple days to visit while mom and baby rested. It was so much fun, we love having Parker and Avery over to play! And we LOVE LOVE LOVE our new baby in the family. It is not lost on my in the least that this sweet baby just came from the loving and watchful arms of our Heavenly Parents, and we need the peace of that in our family right now!

Nate was so excited to see baby Asher


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