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Our Great American Road Trip –Part II

  Days 4-7 Day 4 – A Day in San Francisco. When originally conceptualizing this road trip, in my mind we spent two days in San Fran. But one day proved quite adequate. When we first pulled into town we made our way to the “Full House Park” – you know, the one where they’re…

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Our Great American Road Trip – Part 1

For our family vaycay this year we decided to take a road trip to the Redwood Forest. What a blast! I spent months on google maps calculating distances and routes in eager anticipation. But in the end we left a lot up to fate (as we always do). It turned out to be so much…

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Andrea Goes to Scout Camp

This year I was asked by one of the leaders if I would mind going to Scout camp for one of the days (3 day event) to help out. I did, and man-o-man, it was a blast! It reminded me of Aspen Grove when I was a kid. I never knew scout camp was so…

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Draper Dayyyyys

One thing we were super excited for this year was Draper Days. It’s the town celebration, and it’s held in the park right next to my house! This meant we didn’t have to fight traffic or search for parking. We walked back and forth to the events. When we were bored/hot/tired we went home. When…

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4th of July

We spent the 4th of July weekend at the Cabin! Wynn and Heidi came up and played (YAY!). We had a yummy barbecue. We played at the lake. Wynn and Everett got a billion fish! We went to the Rodeo. We went to a movie (Despicable Me 3). We had so much fun! The next…

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The Start of Summer

One big problem that I haven’t figured out the solution to yet is busyness.

How do I not run every day from one activity to the other while still providing opportunities for my children to grow, memories to bind us together as a family, and keep our household and lives running smoothly?

If you know, please tell me.

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A Very Sad Day

Our sweet puppy, Maverick, got very sick. We figured he ate something (he was always eating socks and other things on the floor) and was having trouble passing it. We waited for a few days to see if he would get better. Finally we took him into the vet. ┬áHe was really so sick. At…

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