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The Bunny Story





When school went back in (August) I thought – “Ok, time to get rid of the bunnies.”

I didn’t want to take care of them through the winter. I figured it would be a seasonal thing for us (don’t judge me!).

So I listed them on KSL – for free.

But no one responded. Not one.

But life was busy, so I didn’t think about it again until it turned cold in mid October. Then I decided I better relist them.

Again, for free.

In the description for the add, I listed two bunnies that were the same gender since they had been raised in the cage together for 6 months and had never had babies. Also, very sweet and docile. Totally true.

And again, no one called or responded . . . for about two weeks.

And then this:


I didn’t want to get rid of one bunny and still be stuck with another one. They either needed to both go, or neither of them go.

But then the guy said he would take them. So . . .

The next morning a teenage boy and his buddy show up – for a second Wyatt thought he was being punked. But then the boy said his dad sent him to get the bunnies. They were for his sister for her birthday.

Ok. Of course, being teenage boys, they didn’t bring a box or anything to carry the bunnies with. So . . . we got him a box, loaded up the bunnies, loaded up some food, and sent them on their way.

And that was the end of it . . . I thought.

Until I received a text THE VERY NEXT DAY!! while changing in the locker room at the Temple the next day. It made me laugh out loud. Soooooo FUNNY!


Hahahahahaha! We dodged that bullet by the hair of our chin!

Taking Olivia to the Temple




Ah, that bright sun and that bitter cold. Bad for taking pictures.

One of the special things we get to do with our sweet daughter now that she is 12, is take her to the Temple to perform baptisms for the dead by proxy. When I was growing up, you only were able to go once or twice a year with your youth group. Now the youth are able to have recommends for any time they are able to go. Combine that with living just 3 minutes away from the temple, and this is a lovely activity that we will be able to do so often!

We took Olivia up one day after school. The most beautiful thing about the whole experience was how quiet and peaceful and warm it all felt. All the noise – the literal and figurative noise – of the world fell away, and we were able to have these slow, peaceful, beautiful moments with our daughter. I felt that Heaven must be like that – just beautiful and peaceful, all the time.

After going to the temple, we went to the top of the hill to get treats at a little diner up there. But then we realized neither one of us had brought a wallet. So we went back down the hill, swung by home, and then went up to Einsteins for hot chocolate.

Olivia graduates from Primary




Cute Olivia – sniff* graduated from primary. Now imagine my eyes with tears spouting out like a spigot gone amuck!

Cute Olivia memorized all of her Articles of Faith, passed them off, and was able to cut her dad’s tie off before she left.

I am so proud of my girl. I can’t believe she’s growing up. Stop time, stop!

Olivia turns 12




I can’t believe my little goosey Sunshine girl has turned 12!


Olivia, Cheyenne, Kate, Kira and Hannah

For her birthday we let her have two . . . events. One, she had a late over and watched a movie with some of her friends from the old neighborhood. I think it was probably good for her to see that things have changed in the old neighborhood. I think sometimes things become frozen in our minds as always being the way they were. But when she got together with her little buddies that she spent years with, she learned that none of those girls sit by each other anymore. They aren’t in the same groups of friends. And they have differing opinions on who or what is cool. That was probably a bit of a shock to her, but junior high does that to kids.



Back L->R Jackie, Maggie, Lizzie, Ryn, Amanda, Olivia, Kennedy, ??. ??, Front L->R Sophie, Anna, Natalie

For her second event – a real birthday party, we invited all the friends from this neighborhood to the trampoline park. It was my first time ever doing a birthday party where I didn’t put on the birthday party! It was a game changer! Loved it!

And I think she was pretty happy too.


Also, on Olivia’s birthday I checked her out of school and took her (and Roo, who was home from school) to lunch at her favorite place: Mimi’s Cafe.



Everett’s Baptism




The baptism was changed to 6 pm about a week before the event.

The most special event of all of 2017 was watching Everett get baptized. It’s a monumental occasion to see my children making sacred covenants. We tried to make it a special day for him!


So – in the old neighborhood we were able to have our own baptisms – this meant we were able to chose the day and time, invite the speakers and create the program, and then have an empty church to enjoy a small gathering afterwards.


In this new neighborhood baptism are done on a stake level. Although we were invited to participate in the program (Calvin gave a wonderful talk on baptism for Everett), I had to learn so flexibility in letting someone else run it. 😀 This meant having the stake primary presidency change the time of the baptism just a week before – after all the invitations were out, and I had everything planned on my end. But . . . as I teach my kids . . . sometimes you just have to be flexible. So, with some calls and texts and rearranging of the food plans, all was well.


But, like I said, Calvin gave a great talk about Baptism for Everett, and the Primary counselor did a great job in introducing him.

The most special thing about it all was that we had wonderful support from so many people. I meant to get a picture of Everett with the men who confirmed him a member of the church, but my overwhelmed mom brain forgot. So I will just write it down:

Members of the confirmation circle: Grandpa Harry, Uncle Lance, Uncle Danny, Uncle Thomas, Uncle Jason, Rick Smith, Ian Ferguson, John Engh, Gerry Trelease, Kevin McGlincy, Bret Smith, & Tyler Girsberger.


After the baptism we came home and had cake and ice cream with dear friends and family.