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You MAKE US Play Outside





One afternoon I needed some stuff that was at the cabin. I didn’t have all day, so we just ran a quick errand to get it. When we got there we had just a half hour before I’d have to leave to get home in time to get Calvin off to scouts.

As we pulled into the cabin gate, Everett lamented his childhood. His voice cracked and tears fell as he moaned: “Mom, you make us play outside. It’s just not fair.” Then he expounded on all the neat inside things he’d rather do. His complaints fell on deaf, though bemused, ears.

I do, indeed, make them play outside.

And on that particular day we spent half an hour catching frogs at the lake before having to turn around and head back home.



All the kids got muddy trying to catch frogs.


This dragonfly wing was glistening in the sun in the grass. It’s been added to our nature shelf at the cabin. I know I can use it for a fabulous art project someday.


The little baby frogs are out now, which means there’s so many more frogs!

The River





  An exciting thing has happened at the cabin this week – On Monday we were there, playing at the river by the entrance into our HOA. The river frontage is owned by the HOA, and people swim/play/bridge jump next to the bridge. But the old bridge (like from 40 years ago) was broken up and left on the side of the {new?} bridge, and there it has sat . . . for 40 years.

On Monday, when were there I said to Wyatt (again) how much I wished they’d break this old bridge up and get rid of it. It’s sharp concrete corners and exposed rebar made me nervous with the littles climbing on it while they played at the river.

Well, yesterday (Saturday) we went up to the cabin again. And guess what? That whole old bridge had been broken up and hauled away. They had cleared a giant area near the bridge of brush and wreckage, and made a nice, level beach (word is they’re bringing in sand later this week). Also, they dredged the river, so now instead of being 3 1/2 feet at the deepest point, so only the little kids could jump off the bridge- now it’s about 9 feet deep right under the bridge, and then gets shallower from there.

But now it’s plenty deep for even adults to swim and play. I had the kids there for 3 hours yesterday, playing and goofing off. Olivia and Calvin both jumped of the bridge, and they all had fun playing with the tube and collecting rocks and making mud pies on the banks.




I asked Olivia to look at me for a picture, and this is what she did . . . silly silly goose.

The Building of the Shed




In the September of 2014 Wyatt decided, almost on a whim, to build a shed. I say almost on a whim because while we had discussed the need for a shed since we bought the cabin, we were there on our “romantic anniversary getaway” when Wyatt decided to call his brother up, and invite him up for the weekend to hurry and frame in a shed. After all, it would only take a couple days 😉 It was finished in October.

But it has been nice to have a place to put everything. We joke that the shed is as big as the cabin. It’s not. But because of how it’s built into the hill, it looks almost as big.

I took this time lapse video of the guys that first weekend (of what turned out to be about a month project) getting the initial framing done. It’s fun to have little videos of things like this to see how far the cabin has come since we first bought it. We’ve added a bathroom, completely gutted and remodeled the kitchen, and built the shed. We still have lots of big plans for our little place – this year it’s the tree house and maybe a summer kitchen!

My Favorite Winter Activity




Calvin and Everett

My favorite Winter Activity has fast become sledding at the cabin. We went this year on New Years Day in spite of the below freezing temperatures. And guess what? Santa came! He set up a tree for us, and even had presents waiting for us when we came in. He brought two bow & arrow sets and a Red Rider BB Gun!

IMG_1592We lit a fire in the franklin stove, and in no time flat the cabin was warm and cozy. Outside the sky was blue and the shadows long as the light filtered through the trees. We had so much fun sledding, eating yummy cozy food, and watching movies all afternoon.


The woods are lovely, dark, and deep.



The cabin at night.

Sweet End of Summer




IMG_0481Even though it was technically autumn, the days were still warm and glorious, and the kids felt adventurous and wanted to play in the river. And so we did. It was one of the very last weeks at the cabin (the very last weekend of September), and a beautiful way to say our last goodbyes to summer . . . IMG_0439






Summer, Day 73





It was the last Saturday of the Summer. We wanted to do something fun, but not overwhelming.

So – even though the cabin was still torn apart from projects, we decided to go spend the day up there.

*It was Nathaniel’s first trip to the cabin!*

We gave the kids hammers and nails and they practiced their hammering. Olivia and I cleared out an area for a fort. We went on explores. Everett, Roo and I went swimming (just soaking our feet) down at the river. It was a peaceful, relaxing day.


We came home in time to get the kids in bed. Then we had a babysitter come over and Wyatt and I went out to a movie (with baby Nate of course).