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Everett’s Baptism Preview





This year Everett will be baptized.

In the old neighborhood every child had their own baptism (part of having very few children and two fonts in the stake). Here we have stake baptisms where all the children are baptized once a month.

As part of that they have the baptism preview where they tell the children (and parents) what to expect from the day.

It was fun to take Everett over to the church and get to spend time anticipating this very special event that will take place this year!

Everett’s 7th Birthday




Opening gifts at his birthday party

Today is Everett’s 7th Birthday! I can’t believe he’s only seven. I really don’t remember life without that sweet boy.

Observations about Ev: I really feel like he has the most gigantic soul of anyone I know. He is so in tune to the people and things around him. He feels things before anyone else even knows there’s something to be felt. He has so much goodness in him. He is a friend and a gift giver and truely loves people. I went to parent-teacher-conference for him last week, and his teacher handed me a $1 bill, saying Everett had brought it to school, saying it was his tooth fairy money. He insisted on giving it to her as a special gift for her. She said it melted her heart. Even though she tried to refuse the gift, he was so insistent. I just thought – yeah, that sounds like him.


Everett chose this shirt for the first day of school after I told him what the shirt said. He thought that was a fair description of himself. I could not agree more.

If I give him responsibility, he takes it very seriously. Because he really seems to thrive off being trusted and responsible, I try to make him in charge as much as I can . . . usually just of himself, but he still takes that very seriously. He enjoys giving reports on his good behavior.

Everett is really just the sweetest thing. When I think of him I think of a soft squishy sponge – squeeze even just a little and the juices from the inside will spill out (like tears). I love this boy.


This photo captures the essence of Everett – tears of heart felt life at any given moment. KISSSSSSS

For his birthday we celebrated all week. I let him choose dinners through out the week, I let him help me with special chores and run extra errands with me. Wyatt took him on a boys night out, and we had a birthday party for him over at the church.


Everett’s Birthday Party, left to right: Calvin, Drake Randall, Everett, Jace Reimann, Kiera Herscher, Eric Pierson, Andrew, Chloe McGlincey, Brynn Sjoblom, Malia Jackson, Kiera Engh

We also had cinnamon rolls for breakfast on his birthday, and we had ice cream and cake as a family. LOVE THAT BOY!


We always open presents first thing in the morning on birthdays.


Since Ev’s birthday was a Saturday this year, the kids had all day to lounge around and play with his loot.


We played a wild game of pin the smile on the pumpkin.


We colored velvet posters from the dollar store (this entertained the kids, no joke, for about a half hour. They were into it!


Of course, cup cakes and ice cream.


And gifts.


And candy from a piniata. So much fun.


Everett is starting to read so we got him a whole slew of books: Pete the Cat Collection; Captain Underpants Collection, The Boy’s Book: How to be the Best at Everything; Pokemon Sticker book; a large lot of Pokemon cards; Bulbasaur (Pokemon) action figures; a train pencil sharpener (the kids LOVE mine, and are always stealing it away, so I knew Ev’s little artist heart would love having one of his own); a box of pencils (to sharpen of course); some paint, brushes and colored pencils. Happy Birthday Everett!


And a Side Note about the Birthday Party:

We had the birthday party over at the church, just like countless others we’ve had through the years. As we were setting up Wyatt and I discussed how eerie it felt to be throwing what we knew would be the last birthday party in the Greenfield chapel. It was such a strange feeling as I thought of all my babies birthday’s I’ve celebrated over there.

Thank goodness the Lord let’s us have our parties at His house so I don’t have to clean mine ;)

And now, a look back at the birthday parties held over at the church through the years . . .


Everett’s 7th Birthday, October, 2016


Andrew’s 5th Birthday, August 2016


Calvin’s 8th Birthday, July 2015


Everett’s 5th Birthday Party, 2014


Calvin’s 7th Birthday, 2014


Calvin’s 6th Birthday, 2013


Olivia’s 5th Birthday, 2010

IMG_6865 copy

Olivia’s 3rd Birthday, 2008

You MAKE US Play Outside





One afternoon I needed some stuff that was at the cabin. I didn’t have all day, so we just ran a quick errand to get it. When we got there we had just a half hour before I’d have to leave to get home in time to get Calvin off to scouts.

As we pulled into the cabin gate, Everett lamented his childhood. His voice cracked and tears fell as he moaned: “Mom, you make us play outside. It’s just not fair.” Then he expounded on all the neat inside things he’d rather do. His complaints fell on deaf, though bemused, ears.

I do, indeed, make them play outside.

And on that particular day we spent half an hour catching frogs at the lake before having to turn around and head back home.



All the kids got muddy trying to catch frogs.


This dragonfly wing was glistening in the sun in the grass. It’s been added to our nature shelf at the cabin. I know I can use it for a fabulous art project someday.


The little baby frogs are out now, which means there’s so many more frogs!

The River





  An exciting thing has happened at the cabin this week – On Monday we were there, playing at the river by the entrance into our HOA. The river frontage is owned by the HOA, and people swim/play/bridge jump next to the bridge. But the old bridge (like from 40 years ago) was broken up and left on the side of the {new?} bridge, and there it has sat . . . for 40 years.

On Monday, when were there I said to Wyatt (again) how much I wished they’d break this old bridge up and get rid of it. It’s sharp concrete corners and exposed rebar made me nervous with the littles climbing on it while they played at the river.

Well, yesterday (Saturday) we went up to the cabin again. And guess what? That whole old bridge had been broken up and hauled away. They had cleared a giant area near the bridge of brush and wreckage, and made a nice, level beach (word is they’re bringing in sand later this week). Also, they dredged the river, so now instead of being 3 1/2 feet at the deepest point, so only the little kids could jump off the bridge- now it’s about 9 feet deep right under the bridge, and then gets shallower from there.

But now it’s plenty deep for even adults to swim and play. I had the kids there for 3 hours yesterday, playing and goofing off. Olivia and Calvin both jumped of the bridge, and they all had fun playing with the tube and collecting rocks and making mud pies on the banks.




I asked Olivia to look at me for a picture, and this is what she did . . . silly silly goose.





Everett and Jace ready to get on the Kindergarten school bus.

Last night when everyone else was in bed, Everett came in to talk to us.

He told us he was worried because he still didn’t know how to repent.

Two weeks ago he confessed to us that he had stolen a couple toys from his buddy Jace last fall when we went to their second home in Brigham City. We had talked to him about it then and told him he needed to make it right.

Shame on us – in those two weeks we hadn’t given him a chance to do that (we told him we’d give him extra chores to earn the money to replace the toys he took).

And two weeks later his little heart was still suffering. We talked to him about  the steps of repentance: 1) Tell the right people what you did wrong and ask for forgiveness(Mom & Dad, Jace and his parents, and Heavenly Father). 2) Promise to never do it again. 3) Do everything you can to make it right (earn some money, replace the toys). 4) Forgive yourself and not feel bad about it anymore.

Everett knew he’d done steps 1 & 2, but he was still stuck at #3, and it was just eating him up.

So we talked about it, we promised him we would help him make it right. And we told him to say an extra prayer and ask Heavenly Father to help him feel the spirit so he wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.

So he went back to bed, and the next thing we know, we hear him praying out loud – it starts off as a normal enough prayer, and then his little voice breaks, and he says

“please help me to feel the spirit so I can feel better. And please help the Reimann’s not to hurt me when they find out.”

Oh good grief! Melt a mama’s heart! I had to go in and give him a long cuddle to help his little heart feel better.

Today we will report the problem to the Reimann’s and try to get it resolved. (We’ve assured Everett that no violence will ensue).


Softball, Baseball, and T-Ball




After a game one night during spring break, I had all the neighborhood baseball buddies come over to our house for a late-over movie night.

This year we decided to play spring ball rather than summer ball – we’re trying to have less busyness in the summer.

Olivia is playing softball in a draper league. Her games are Monday’s and Wednesday’s with practices on either Tuesday’s or Thursday’s depending . . . all the way down in south Draper.

Calvin and Everett are on the same baseball team, along with their neighborhood buddies, Braydon, Jace, Sawyer, and Owen. Wyatt is coaching that team. Their games are also on Monday and Wednesday nights up the street by the high school.


Roo’s little T-Ball team.

And Roo is playing on a tee-ball team with his buddy, our neighbor, Reed. They have games on Monday and Wednesday nights at the same fields as the other boys, though at different times.

So . . . Monday’s and Wednesdays have been – ahem – hectic. But all the kids are doing great and having a ton of fun!