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Everett’s Baptism




The baptism was changed to 6 pm about a week before the event.

The most special event of all of 2017 was watching Everett get baptized. It’s a monumental occasion to see my children making sacred covenants. We tried to make it a special day for him!


So – in the old neighborhood we were able to have our own baptisms – this meant we were able to chose the day and time, invite the speakers and create the program, and then have an empty church to enjoy a small gathering afterwards.


In this new neighborhood baptism are done on a stake level. Although we were invited to participate in the program (Calvin gave a wonderful talk on baptism for Everett), I had to learn so flexibility in letting someone else run it. 😀 This meant having the stake primary presidency change the time of the baptism just a week before – after all the invitations were out, and I had everything planned on my end. But . . . as I teach my kids . . . sometimes you just have to be flexible. So, with some calls and texts and rearranging of the food plans, all was well.


But, like I said, Calvin gave a great talk about Baptism for Everett, and the Primary counselor did a great job in introducing him.

The most special thing about it all was that we had wonderful support from so many people. I meant to get a picture of Everett with the men who confirmed him a member of the church, but my overwhelmed mom brain forgot. So I will just write it down:

Members of the confirmation circle: Grandpa Harry, Uncle Lance, Uncle Danny, Uncle Thomas, Uncle Jason, Rick Smith, Ian Ferguson, John Engh, Gerry Trelease, Kevin McGlincy, Bret Smith, & Tyler Girsberger.


After the baptism we came home and had cake and ice cream with dear friends and family.


Everett’s Birthday




2017 is a big year for our family! And one of the highlights of the year was that Everett would turn 8! (It’s a big deal!)

We sure love our Everett. He has the kindest heart, and the greatest desire to serve and help others. He is more aware of how others are doing than all the rest of us combined. He is soooooo sweet. Mmmm, just wanna mush on him.

This year his birthday was on a Sunday – so we opened presents first thing, and then went to church. Afterward we had cake and ice cream. We got trick candles for him, and each time the candles would lite we would sing Happy Birthday again. We sang to him for about 5 minutes – it was the funniest thing ever! And I really think Everett loved all the fun attention. Of course- by that time my phone was dead, so no video.

For his birthday party we invited six of his friends and took them to see Cars 3, then came home to have cake and ice cream at our house. I didn’t get any pictures of that either. Man, I’m not doing so well these days!




Everett’s Baptism Preview





This year Everett will be baptized.

In the old neighborhood every child had their own baptism (part of having very few children and two fonts in the stake). Here we have stake baptisms where all the children are baptized once a month.

As part of that they have the baptism preview where they tell the children (and parents) what to expect from the day.

It was fun to take Everett over to the church and get to spend time anticipating this very special event that will take place this year!