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The End of An Era





We limped most painfully along to the end of the school year.

On the Sunday before Memorial day ( two weeks before the official dismissal of school) I told the kids that if they didn’t want to go to school I wouldn’t make them.

No one took me up on that though.

I just never felt like I got my feet underneath me after the move. Our stuff may be settled in the new home, but life is still very unsettled.

I didn’t even get a picture of the kids on the last day of school.

We read scriptures and I shooed them out the door one last time. “No, I won’t drive you, you can walk.” And off they went. And when they came home, a picture didn’t even cross my mind till long after they had scattered to play.

So that evening I made Olivia let me take a few pictures of her (she was very annoyed). If nothing else, I needed a picture of Sunshine –

for it was . . .

her last day of Elementary school.

And during those last two weeks when I could hardly catch my breath with the annoyance of trying to finish out the year, I would stop myself, and try to remember . . . this is the end of the era.

The end of my baby Olivia.

For next year she will brave the malodorous halls of middle school, and her life will change forever. And my life will change too. And the tragedy of it really does rip my heart out. Why are these years going so fast?

Women’s General Meeting




This year for the Women’s General Meeting I decided to take Olivia downtown to the conference center. We went to dinner first at Mimi’s and then went down to be with our sisters and listen to the words of our dear leaders. It was really neat, and I think a new tradition has been born!


It was a cold, rainy evening.



New Beginnings




With the new year came New Beginnings. But the mind boggling thing was that this year Olivia was invited to it!

I cannot tell you how shocking it is to me that my Sunshine is turning 12 this year! Where has the time gone?

For New Beginnings Olivia was introduced to the Young Women by a mia-maid – Sienna Evans. It was really fun to see her standing up there with all the Young Women, being introduced and learning about her upcoming years in the Young Women’s program.

Olivia’s Birthday




Of all the things that have happened the past couple months, nothing is more imperative to remember forever than my kids birthdays.

So let’s talk about Olivia’s birthday.

Her big day came on the Friday after we moved. In trying to be sensitive to the challenges of moving for our kids, we were a little more indulgent than we usually are, and let Olivia invite an unspecified number of friends to celebrate with her. She decided she wanted to invite friends both old and new to our house to watch a movie and have pizza.

The party was simple, but I think the girls really had a good time. Olivia switched schools back in September, so it was the first time seeing some of her old friends in several weeks.  It was also the first time for Wyatt and I to meet some of her new friends.

Happy Birthday Olivia! What a sparkle of Sunshine you are to us!





The River





  An exciting thing has happened at the cabin this week – On Monday we were there, playing at the river by the entrance into our HOA. The river frontage is owned by the HOA, and people swim/play/bridge jump next to the bridge. But the old bridge (like from 40 years ago) was broken up and left on the side of the {new?} bridge, and there it has sat . . . for 40 years.

On Monday, when were there I said to Wyatt (again) how much I wished they’d break this old bridge up and get rid of it. It’s sharp concrete corners and exposed rebar made me nervous with the littles climbing on it while they played at the river.

Well, yesterday (Saturday) we went up to the cabin again. And guess what? That whole old bridge had been broken up and hauled away. They had cleared a giant area near the bridge of brush and wreckage, and made a nice, level beach (word is they’re bringing in sand later this week). Also, they dredged the river, so now instead of being 3 1/2 feet at the deepest point, so only the little kids could jump off the bridge- now it’s about 9 feet deep right under the bridge, and then gets shallower from there.

But now it’s plenty deep for even adults to swim and play. I had the kids there for 3 hours yesterday, playing and goofing off. Olivia and Calvin both jumped of the bridge, and they all had fun playing with the tube and collecting rocks and making mud pies on the banks.




I asked Olivia to look at me for a picture, and this is what she did . . . silly silly goose.

Big River





Last year I read the little lovelies Tom Sawyer.

And then a few months ago I found this golden find at the DI – and promptly made the children watch it on our first trip to the cabin.

So when I heard Hale Center Theater was playing BIG RIVER I knew I had to take the kids (well, just Olivia and Calvin. I figured they’d be the only ones old enough to sit through it – though Everett is really close).

We had such a good time. It was a wonderful performance and the kids enjoyed comparing the play to the movie and talking about Tom Sawyer (we haven’t read Huck Finn yet).

The most moving part of the play for me was when the black actors came out in their slave attire and sang a spiritual. I almost lost it. I’ve seen movies with black folks in slave garb, but seeing it in person really brought home the reality of that horrible evil. I felt a genuine sadness for the sins of that generation; what a wicked practice, the effects of which are still being felt today.