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Look closely at this pile of laundry.



Happiness is a baby boy who sucks on his fingers.

Happiness is stopping by the store to find Christmas gifts on a great sale!

Happiness is having Carrie come over for a few days.



Happiness is playing in the leaves.

Happiness is home made corn chowder and corn bread.

And candy cane hot chocolate.

And home made carmel popcorn, and pink white chocolate popcorn.

And lasagna.

And not thinking about the calorie count until blogging about it two days later. 😉

Happiness is looking up to see Olivia leading Bullseye down the paddock by herself with all the confidence of a girl who is meant to ride.

Happiness is having the toilet set and the bathtub working in the downstairs bathroom.

Happiness is a Super Calvin who wakes up at 7 am on the dot – even with the time change.

Happiness is a hot date with a man who loves me.

Happiness is My Family every day.

What is Happiness to you?