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Back to School Dinner




In celebration of Baby Sunshine, who is having her very first “back to school” weekend, we had a very special dinner. The theme of the dinner, and this year’s school year is: “The Glory of God is Intelligence.” We talked about how now that she is going to school she will start to learn lots of new things – how to tie her shoes, and make art projects, etc. etc. We told her that all those things she will learn will help her become more and more like God, because Heavenly Father knows all things. She was sent to this earth to gain experience and knowledge, to become more like Him. Going to school is an important part of that process. I hope she will enjoy the years ahead of formal education. I have the feeling she will like it very much.

IMG_0187Back to school dinner. The banner in the middle says “The glory of God is Intelligence” – our theme for this school year.

Olivia with her back to school crown.

IMG_0152Calvin had a back to school crown too because he looks forward to the day when it will be his turn to go to school.

IMG_0156We set the table with all things “Olivia.”