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The Places You’ll Go





Dear Olivia,

Today you graduated. GRADUATED!! From Preschool.


I have heard the snide, the non-parents, and the unimaginative say that pre-school graduation is overkill. To them I say bleh! Preschool graduation is a celebration! A recognition of accomplishment in young lives, and the acknowledgement that they are ready for greater things.

Like kindergarten. *Sniff.*


And you are ready for kindergarten. You are ready because you can check off all the kindergarten ready markers from the list. But more than that, you are ready because you are kind. You are generous. You are thoughtful. You will be a great student and friend, and you are ready for big things.

Oh, Dear O, the Place’s You’ll Go!


(If you're 7 months pregnant, and wearing a mumu, try squatting to increase attractiveness)