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Introducing Daisy
(aka Bahr Killer)
(aka Fish the Dawg)




You may or may not have noticed a few weeks ago that I mentioned we have had two and a half dogs in our marriage.

It’s time to introduce the “half” dog.


This is Daisy.

AKA – Fish the Dawg.

AKA – Bahr (Bear) Killer.

She’s a long haired Chihuahua. I think she looks like a little fox.

Olivia loves her. Calvin loves her. Everett LOVES her.

(Everett now has four words in his ever expanding vocabulary – more, daddy, dog and Daisy).

The kids are so happy to have a real pet. And I am so happy she’s not a puppy. And Wyatt is so happy she’s at the other end of the dog-size spectrum.

She’s perfect for us.

Puppy Dog Tails




So much has happened in the past month, and I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to write it all down. But I wanted to take a moment and write about what happened over the weekend . . .

The long and short of it is that Scout had her puppies; ten to be exact. Ten Great Dane Puppies: now there’s a happy thought. They’re all brindle, 8 female, and 2 male.

The long story is Scout had the first one on Friday at about five in the evening. She then went two hours before having another (Wyatt and I were just about panicked!) Then came two more in about ten minutes of each other. Then she went another three and a half hours before having the fourth (We thought we were done at three). Another hour before number five came along and then I went to bed.2006November0133

Wyatt came in a few times during the night as each new puppy was born, finishing off at 8. He came to bed at 7:00 a.m. convinced she was done at eight puppies. But when I got up at 9:30 (yes, I slept in!) there were nine, and by 10:00 a.m. she had her last one . . . TEN PUPPIES!! It was a pretty exciting weekend.

Gaurd Dogs




Today Oliva, Cowboy, Scout, and I went and worked in our garden. I shoveled gravel to make ready for the dirt. Olivia made music with the octopus on her toy, and Cowboy and Scout sniffed the ground in case there was something interesting to be found.

I had one moment when I needed to take a wheelbarrow full of gravel around the corner. Not wanting to leave Olivia unattended for even the slightest moment, I had Cowboy and Scout “gaurd” her. They sat in front of her and looked imposing to anyone who might pass by. They were very precise in their duties and didn’t even move while I was gone. Good Doggies. And of course, Olivia loves it when the doggies get so close to her. She flaps her arms in excitement. So it was a win-win situation. Here are some pictures!

Olivia2006April106 Olivia2006April104 Olivia2006April108

Olivia and Her Doggies




Olivia loves her dogs. When ever she’s fussy we take her down to see the dogs. People ask us how the dogs behave around her, asking if I’m nervous to have my baby around them. Ha ha ha! I have friend who has a tiny little cocker-spaniel mut. The thing is seriously not more than 8 inches off the ground, and yet it’s worse around kids than my dogs! Cowboy and Scout are extremely gentle and move very slow around kids. I don’t worry at all about them hurting her. (Not that I’m leaving her alone with them though!) But both dogs and child adore one another.





Today when I went into the back yard to bring Cowboy & Scout inside, they were nowhere to be seen! I went and got Olivia, grabbed my keys, and went out the door to go look for them. First thing I see when I go out the side door is both dogs, wagging their tails, and standing in their kennel. They had gotten out of the back yard through a hole in the fence, went through the neighbors yard, and gone into the side yard and got in their kennel!! What silly dogs! I guess freedom didn’t inspire them that much!