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This One’s For You

Wynn and Heidi, here are your family pictures from – goodness! Almost a month ago. Well, here you are. PS – Olivia wants Alea and Weston to come to her birthday party this weekend. But she understands if you can’t make it 😀 PSS – See the rest of your pics here:

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Arizona 2009

We took a weekend jaunt down to Arizona last weekend. It is always so much fun to go hang out with Wynn and Heidi for a couple days. The only problem with this trip was that it was so short. We left Olivia and Calvin home with Grandma, which was a first, and I’ll admit,…

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Cruising Through Paradise

On April 28th Wyatt and I flew out to Florida for a week long Caribbean cruise. We met up with Wyatt’s brother Wynn & his wife, Heidi, and spent the night at a hotel near the airport until the next day, when we boarded the “Carnival Triumph.” Our itinerary had three locations to visit: Cozumel,…

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