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The Places You’ll Go





Dear Olivia,

Today you graduated. GRADUATED!! From Preschool.


I have heard the snide, the non-parents, and the unimaginative say that pre-school graduation is overkill. To them I say bleh! Preschool graduation is a celebration! A recognition of accomplishment in young lives, and the acknowledgement that they are ready for greater things.

Like kindergarten. *Sniff.*


And you are ready for kindergarten. You are ready because you can check off all the kindergarten ready markers from the list. But more than that, you are ready because you are kind. You are generous. You are thoughtful. You will be a great student and friend, and you are ready for big things.

Oh, Dear O, the Place’s You’ll Go!


(If you're 7 months pregnant, and wearing a mumu, try squatting to increase attractiveness)

Zoo Day
And A Parental Reality Check




IMG_4181Friday was Zoo Day for Olivia’s preschool.

She was very excited. She got to wear a special zoo day shirt (to help teachers keep track of kids) and bring her own lunch (a Lunchable, no less, Olivia has only been asking me to get her one of those for like, forever. I am cool mom).

IMG_4203Parents were more than welcome to come, in fact, you could volunteer and get in free. But I didn’t commit. I didn’t mention it to the other kids. The weather was forcasted as “ify” at best. And, well, I’m 23 weeks pregnant. I tried to play it smart.

But Friday came full of sunshine (deceiving, because it was cold!) so I announced to Calvin that we were all going to the zoo!IMG_4225

We packed up, loaded the wagon, and headed to the zoo in great excitement (got there 25 minutes early).IMG_4207

But I was confused at Calvin’s lack of enthusiasm. Didn’t he get it? Didn’t he understand that we were GOING TO THE ZOO?

I finally asked him, “Calvin, don’t you remember when we went to the zoo?”

The last time we went was October 1st, 2009 – I remember because it was Everett’s due date, and we walked and walked around that zoo, hoping it would push me into labor. It didn’t.

After that our zoo pass expired, and we haven’t been back since.

“No.” Calvin said. I was shocked. I mean, we had a pass, we went like fifteen times in 2009!

But then I thought about it – he was barely two that summer. I guess it made sense.

IMG_4196So I turned to Olivia, surely she would remember, as a three, almost four year old.

“Remember when we used to go to the zoo?”

She thought about it. “No.”

IMG_4188So apparently all those engaging, entertaining activities I try to do on a semi-regular basis for my kids – they’re all for naught. Give it a little time and my kids will believe their entire childhoods were completely deprived!IMG_4192

Well, we bought another pass. We’ll go at least fifteen times this summer. And maybe, just maybe, Everett will remember it in a few years.

Preschool Here We Come!




Today was the first day of school. Olivia has been looking forward to this all summer long!


We got her dressed in her new outfit. And those thrown back shoulder’s and off kilter hips- that’s all her. She works that camera!


In our excitement we were a little early (like twenty minutes :D) So we took the time to snap a few pictures for the history books.

After school I asked Olivia if she made any new friends. She said very matter-of-factly: “No.”

Well, maybe next time.

Back to School Dinner




In celebration of Baby Sunshine, who is having her very first “back to school” weekend, we had a very special dinner. The theme of the dinner, and this year’s school year is: “The Glory of God is Intelligence.” We talked about how now that she is going to school she will start to learn lots of new things – how to tie her shoes, and make art projects, etc. etc. We told her that all those things she will learn will help her become more and more like God, because Heavenly Father knows all things. She was sent to this earth to gain experience and knowledge, to become more like Him. Going to school is an important part of that process. I hope she will enjoy the years ahead of formal education. I have the feeling she will like it very much.

IMG_0187Back to school dinner. The banner in the middle says “The glory of God is Intelligence” – our theme for this school year.

Olivia with her back to school crown.

IMG_0152Calvin had a back to school crown too because he looks forward to the day when it will be his turn to go to school.

IMG_0156We set the table with all things “Olivia.”