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Beth and Alex Get Married





I couldn’t decide how to title this post . . .

“Another One Bites the Dust”


“Love Story”


“The Knot”

Anyhoo . . .

Wyatt came in from his trip at 8:00 pm on Thursday night. I picked him up from the airport and we drove straight to Saint George (with the exception of a loop through Provo/Orem to pick up Alex’s sister, Ariel). We got in at 1:30, and crashed at Larry & Karen’s.

The next morning we went to the temple to watch Beth and Alex be married.

So sweet.

The rest of the day was spent in wedding festivities – pictures, and lunch, and a beautiful reception. Everything went off without a hitch.

It was a great day.


Congratulations Beez. I hope you know how much you are loved.

Story About The Girl




Today is all about this girl.

Today she agreed to be his wife.


Even though I’ve heard the story from Beth, and then again from Alex, Carrie is sitting next to me as I type, so she’s telling this story:

Carrie, Beth and Alex were s’posed to all stay at Danny & Eliza’s house, but at the last minute Beth decided to stay at my parent’s house in St. George. So then Carrie and Alex got up at five am (way to go Super Carrie!) and snuck back over to the house. But the door was locked, so they called Beth and asked her to open it, telling her that Alex needed to get his glasses (which he had cleverly left there the night before) so he could go running with Eliza. His plan was to cover the area where she was sleeping with flowers and slip the ring on her finger without waking her. But since he’d already woken up, he sat there for half an hour waiting for her to go back to sleep. Finally he got too impatient, and even though he knew Beth was only pretending to sleep, he decided to spread the flowers out and put the ring on her finger. And then as he snuck out of the room he heard a little chuckle from her. Then he had Carrie drive him up to the red rocks that overlook the St. George temple. He planned to write “Will you marry me” with rose petals on the top of the cliffs, but the wind wasn’t cooperating, and just blew all the petals away. In the meantime, Carrie drove back to Beth’s and kidnapped her, and stole a pillow case and put it over her head (but she didn’t check to see how see thru it was, apparently it was totally see through). She took her to the red cliffs and made her climb up them bare foot & with a pillow case over her head. She was s’posed to call Alex ahead of time to warn him they were coming, but his phone didn’t get reception so they totally surprised him. Once he saw them and realized it was them, he took Beth and walked her up to where he had set the now-blown-away petals up, overlooking the St. George temple. He got on his knee and asked Beth to be his queen. And she said yes.

And then they decided it was really cold, so they headed back down to the valley.

Ah, love.

More pictures coming soon.

Another Princess




IMG_4426This is the dress I really like. I think she should wear it with a cathedral length veil.

Last weekend while I was in Arizona, Leslee, Carrie, Beth, Karen and my mom all went wedding dress shopping. Of course I was so sad I missed the fun. I made Karen text me pictures of each dress so I could give my opinion (because the phone pictures were so detailed I could garner a clear opinion :D ) It was a lot of fun.


Yesterday Leslee and I went back to the store where she had narrowed the selection down to two dresses. Dress A is a vintage lace victorian look that only Leslee can carry off. She has the height, figure, and posture to make the dress just — pitter-patter, pitter-patter — STUNNING. I LOVED it on her. I really think she just looks so beautiful in it. Mom, Dad (who also went, I’m told) and mother-in-law-to-be all agreed with me (or I agreed with them, I guess) and think that is the dress to get.



The second dress is equally gorgeous though, and Leslee seemed to lean a little more towards that one. It’s more of a traditional dress, with beautiful beading, and and empire waist with an A-Line skirt. There is an inset in the train of a slightly more ivory satin, and matching satin the folds of the waist line. It’s really lovely. She has a hard choice. But what ever one she chooses, she will make it beautiful with her grace.