Update to the Website

August 12, 2006 | 0 Comments

screenshotI have updated the website. I wasn’t pleased with the original design of the “Andrea” section of the website, but didn’t really have time to fix or change it until recently. I have changed the design and added a couple new sections – “Random Lists,” & “How To . . ..” There isn’t anything in either of these new sections, but there will be soon!

101 Things to Do With An Alligator

August 12, 2006 | 0 Comments
  1. Wrestle
  2. eat stew
  3. listen to Rock & Roll music
  4. floss
  5. watch “Crocodile Dundee”
  6. go sun bathing
  7. ride it
  8. show it off to my friends
  9. put it in the bath tub
  10. eat fried chicken
  11. let it go in the sewers of New York
  12. watch “An Affair to Remember”
  13. make a handbag
  14. make boots
  15. go on plane rides
  16. go parachuting
  17. eat panny-cakes together
  18. take piccolo lessons
  19. go to the planetarium
  20. rub lotion on it
  21. take it to the orthodontist
  22. go to the cosmetic counter at Maceys
  23. get a pedicure
  24. do mud masks
  25. build a tree house
  26. ride gondolas in Venice
  27. take it golfing
  28. eat granola bars
  29. dance in the gazebo in the park
  30. go shopping at the Gap
  31. sleep out on the trampoline
  32. make rope swing
  33. go fishing
  34. eat ice cream
  35. go rollerbladingaligatorarticle
  36. get a perm
  37. read poetry
  38. blow bubbles
  39. take out an insurance policy
  40. listen to records using the teeth as the needle.
  41. go slip’n’sliding on the Crocodile Mile
  42. clip your fingernails
  43. play soccer
  44. go intimidate all the Elementary School bullies
  45. catch bugs for a bug collection
  46. eat Italian
  47. make salsa (from Leslee)
  48. have a hot-dog eating contest (from Hairy Carrie)

This is all I can think of so far. If you can think of anything, email me! Maybe I’ll add it to my list!

Letters & Postcards

August 8, 2006 | 1 Comment


When I was twelve or so, my friend Andi & I set up a hide-out under the stairs. It was there that I colored my first “letters & postcards box.” I remember I colored flowers in orange & blue or green & red, creating a wrapping paper out of several sheets of letter paper. I wrapped a shoebox, and then wrote in orange “Letters & Postcards.” I used this box for the rest of my teenage years to collect mail from friends and family.

Finally, after Wyatt and I got married, I found a larger lap-top computer box to use (by now my original, tattered box was overflowing with the correspondence of the years). I have been using that box ever since.

I asked Wyatt the other day if he thought I was pack-rat-ish, and he said yes, pointing to my letters and postcards box. “But that’s different!” I objected. He shook his head.

But I know he gets a little jealous when ever a letter shows up in the mailbox for me. I laugh and giggle as I read the latest misadventures of a friend, or cry and sigh as I read about the heartache of another. He wishes he got hand-written letters with home-made envelopes, instead of just credit card offers and value-pac ads. He wishes he had his own letters & postcards box.

Tonight I was organizing my box, and I giggled through a letter from my freshman room-mate. She was writing about the excited anticipation of an upcoming road trip the two of us were planning, and bemoaning the heart-ache of Christmas break seperation from her then-crush, now-husband Peter. I commented to Wyatt afterwards: “I love my letters & postcards box. It reminds me that I’m loved in the world.”

“You need a box to do that? I tell you that everyday.”

“Yeah, but it reminds me of all the love I’ve had over my whole life. And all the things I’d forgotten.”

It tells the story of my life, and the lives of those that I love, and am loved by. It tells of how our lives connect creating a deep well of love and laughter and strength; all delivered by the US Postal System.

Baby Mine

August 2, 2006 | 0 Comments

2006August0192Olivia is growing up sooooo fast. Every day it’s something new. This week she’s learned to tense her shoulders (so it looks like a shrug) and get red in the face when she’s mad. Last week she learned that Daddy has hair that can be pulled just like Mommy’s (something that caused her five minutes of giggles). She’s been pulling herself up on furniture and walking around it for well over a month now, and last week she took her technical first step (she didn’t mean to do it, but what she was reaching for (mommy) moved when she went to go from couch to legs). Even though I don’t think she’ll be trying any more steps for a while, I have seen her let go of the furniture with both hands and balance a time or two.

Tonight Olivia & I had some Mommy-Daughter pictures taken. Some of them are really cute. I haven’t edited all of them, so there will probably be more posted in the days to come. But in the mean time, visit the scrapbook & click on “Summer 2006” to see more pictures of Baby O & me.

When I See an Elephant Fly

July 31, 2006 | 0 Comments

dumbo_flyfeatherI think I’ve seen about everything . . .

But this month I’ve seen two more quite amusing things.

Over fourth of July weekend we went to Arizona. Wyatt was quite stressed because, as usual, we were running late. He was worried we’d miss our flight (which we did), and was flying down the freeway. Suddenly he slowed down and started laughing. He slowed to match pace with a truck in the left lane next to us. We all looked over.

It was a truck–a pretty big one, and it looked like the front passenger seat had been removed, making the “front seat” extent into the back of the cab. And riding shotgun in this truck was . . . A HORSE! That’s right, riding down the freeway in the front of this truck there was a horse! It wasn’t a big one, but it wasn’t a pony either (Leslee, my sister who trains horses and who was also with us at the time, confirmed this). It took up the entire front passenger side of the cab, and it didn’t look very comfortable. Leslee got a picture of it, I’ll have to get it and post it. Now when ever Wyatt is stressed, I just remind him of the time we saw a horse riding shotgun down the freeway.

You might remember “ugly naked man” from the sitcom Friends; the man who lived in the apartment across the street, who never wore clothes as he went about his daily activities. Well, in our neighborhood we have our own “ugly naked man,” he’s a 90 year old man who lives with his brother in a house the next street over.

Wyatt and I always laugh as we drive past his house on our way home. The first night we saw him he was out–it was 11:00 at night, and he was standing in the brilliant glow of his lawn lamp, dressed only in his tighty-whiteys. His ninety year old skin sagged and hung limp on his too-thin frame. He stood there in his underwear, holding a garden hose, watering the lawn. We had to drive by twice just to be sure we saw what we thought we saw!

Now when ever it’s dark out, we don’t look towards ugly naked man’s house (we’ve found he’s not privy to privacy). He leaves his blinds open and his lights on as he goes about the house in his night routine, sans clothes.

Every neighborhood has “one of those.”

A Hot Day In July

July 29, 2006 | 0 Comments

Today I went to my brother, Danny’s wedding. He married Eliza in the Manti Temple. It was a beautiful day!

We started out the festivities on Thursday night, when Carrie & I (well, mostly Carrie) threw Eliza a bachelorette party. We weren’t too wild and crazy though. We watched a chick flick & did pedicures & chatted it up.

Friday morning the events started early. First I had to go be fitted for my bridesmaids dress. The outfits were handmade by a woman in my parents ward, and they were-ahem-not so good. They were a top & skirt made of a wine red satin. Finally it was decided that the tops were unsalvagable with the time-frame (the reception was that evening), so four of the seven bridesmaids, including Carrie & I, went shopping for suitable tops. We found some really nice boat-neck, three quarter sleeve black shirts that were perfect! The near disaster turned out great!2006July0335

After that we went and got our nails done. Leslee & Beth who had been out of town, flew in at three, and we got ready & headed over for pictures before the reception, which started at six-thirty.

Today we had to get up early in order to be in Manti on time. I drove down with my three sisters. There was a luncheon, and then the ceremony. The temple is one of my all time favorites–especially as a location for a wedding. It’s so perfect on the hill! We also got to take a little temple tour and see some of the really neat architectural aspects of the building.

Manti Utah TempleEliza seems incredibly in love with my brother, and I’m so happy for both of them. It was so awesome to see Danny so truley happy. They make a great couple and will have such a happy life ahead of them!

Let Freedom Ring!

July 5, 2006 | 1 Comment

This past weekend was the fourth of July. To celebrate Wyatt and I decided to go to the Oakley rodeo. (We’ve wanted to buy a cabin in Weber canyon just outside Oakley, and thought the rodeo would be a good family tradition to start). Then we found out our friends from our ward were also going to the rodeo. To make a long story short, we spent the weekend at their cabin outside Heber, and all went to the rodeo together. It was sooo much fun. Friday night we hung out and played games, and Saturday we went fishing at Jordanelle and then BBQ’d and headed to the rodeo.


Fishing at Jordanelle


At the Engh's Cabin


At the Oakley Rodeo


Wynn, Weston, Alea & Heidi


Then Wyatt’s brother Wynn invited us down to Arizona to finish out the Holiday weekend at his place. We jumped a flight early Sunday morning, and spend Sunday, Monday & Tuesday there. Wynn and Heidi are a lot of fun–they’re very laid back, so it’s great to go visit them. We went to the pool a couple times, and just generally hung out, and relaxed. On Tuesday (the Fourth of July) we went to fireworks at a local church. Olivia wasn’t too impressed though. She fell asleep half way through them, and even managed to stay asleep through the finally and cheering from the crowd.

The Great Divorce

June 26, 2006 | 0 Comments

The Great Divorce
By: C.S. Lewis
First Time I Read It: Summer, 2001
Number of Times I’ve Read It: Countless

Books : The Great DivorceKenneth Tynan said of Lewis: “How thrilling he makes goodness seem – how tangible and radiant.” That is the essence of Lewis, in all his works. I had read several other of this works prior to reading “The Great Divorce” in the summer of 2001. But the philosophical possibilities presented in this treatise struck a cord that still causes me to gluttonously devour every word each time I open my now tattered copy. Almost every page is saturated with the ink used to underline ideas articulated in a way only Lewis can.

To write each quote here would take forever, so I’ll limit it to my favorite:

“For every attempt to see the shape of eternity except through the lens of Time destroys your knowledge of Freedom. Witness the doctrine of Predestination, which shows (truly enough) that eternal reality is not waiting for a future in which to be real; but at the price of removing Freedom which is the deeper truth of the two. And wouldn’t Universalism do the same? Ye cannot know eternal reality by a definition. Time itself, and all acts and events that fill Time, are the definition, and it must be lived. The Lord said we were gods. How long could ye bear to look (without Time’s lens) on the greatness of your own soul and the eternal reality of her choice?”

The Westing Game

June 14, 2006 | 0 Comments

Type layouts for jacket artThe Westing Game
By: Ellen Raskin
I first read it in: 6th Grade
Number of times I’ve read it: 3

Last night I was at the local Barnes & Noble, and came across a table with a sign: “Summer Reading.” My heart lit up like a firefly as I gently carressed each paperback: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, The Trumpet of the Swan, Super Fudge, Charlottes Webb, and then . . . The Westing Game.

It’s a classic mystery with intrigue & adventure. The mysterious death of an eccentric millionaire brings together an unlikely assortment of heirs who must uncover the circumstances of his death before they can claim their inheritance. Anyone who needs a good book for the summer, why don’t you try it. The Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin.