Stories about Roo, Who is a Smartie

October 30, 2015

Kinda braggy, but yo, it’s my blog.

The other night at dinner we were discussing fire drills. During the conversation I told the kids (again) the story of the time growing up when my house burned down.

And I told them that I was on the phone, but then the phone died, and I went to see what happened . . .

And then I told them the rest of the story. Of Carrie coming in from outside, of running to the neighbors, saying prayers, and calling the fire department.

“But mom,” Andrew stopped me, “how did you call the fire department if your phone was dead?”


Wyatt and I were both stunned at the sharp comment from Roo-Boo. The fact that the phone was dead was a passing comment on a long and detailed story. Yet when the story was over, Roo remembered that detail and realized the story didn’t make sense as I was telling it.

Sharp boy, good listener, great comprehension, impressive vocabulary.


Also, the other day, Kellie was over. Roo was in the other room counting out loud to himself by 10’s. I didn’t think anything of it, but Kellie commented on how advanced he was. It was only then that it dawned on me that they usually don’t teach counting by multiples until sometime in first grade. Yet Roo, who hasn’t even started preschool yet, can count to 100 by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, and 20’s.

What am I going to do about these kids and the public education system!?!


Some of My Ancestors – By My Dad

April 8, 2006

When I gave my talk today, I asked everyone who were converts or decendents of converts to raise their hands. I had borrowed the 1st Edition of the Book of Mormon from a distant cousin that Joseph Smith gave to your Great-Great-Great Grandfather George Deliverance George Deliverance Wilson Wilson in 1831, one year after the…

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Olivia and Her Doggies

April 4, 2006

Olivia loves her dogs. When ever she’s fussy we take her down to see the dogs. People ask us how the dogs behave around her, asking if I’m nervous to have my baby around them. Ha ha ha! I have friend who has a tiny little cocker-spaniel mut. The thing is seriously not more than…

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Dog Sitting

March 30, 2006

Wyatt’s brother Wade is dog sitting for us this weekend as we go out of town. I told Wade to expect about three phone calls a day from me. I always get nervous when someone else watches my dogs–I’m afraid they won’t do it right! I’m so over-protective . . . of Great Danes! I’m…

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March 23, 2006

Today when I went into the back yard to bring Cowboy & Scout inside, they were nowhere to be seen! I went and got Olivia, grabbed my keys, and went out the door to go look for them. First thing I see when I go out the side door is both dogs, wagging their tails,…

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Cowboy & Scout Go To The Park

March 20, 2006

In our neighborhood, behind the church, there is a baseball field and soccer field, with a little pavilion up on a hill over-looking it all. It’s completely fenced in, and completely empty five days a week. In the summer as it warms up, Wyatt and I pack up a lunch and take the dogs to…

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