Bibs and Burp Rags





I made these a few weeks ago (actually started them two nights before Everett was born). They are just little bibs and burp rags. I made the front out of fun blue and brown flannel that I found, and the back I lined with a striped minky white fabric. On the burp rags I added brown ribbon ties to tie them closed. They were super simple and easy, but after the whole project was done, I decided it’s probably easier to just buy them. :D

Magic Stars




A few months ago a friend of mine sent me an email. It made me laugh. I don’t have the original, but it went something like this:

A man came home from work one day to find his young son naked in the front yard, filling the window wells with water from the garden hose. Bikes were strewn across the lawn. A giant hole was dug from the center of the yard. Tools and garden equipment covered the front porch. Spray paint was splattered in pre-school artwork across the front door. Afraid something was wrong, he went into the house. There he found a track of dirt (must’ve been from the hole in the front yard) to a giant pile under the kitchen table. The floor was covered in a slick blue film of dish soap. The kitchen sink was on, and overflowing, turning the entire kitchen to a bubbly, muddy mess. He entered the hallway where he found toilet paper pulled off its roll and strewn from one room to the next. There was a streak of indiscernable color across the wall, ending at the far end of the hallway, where the toilet brush lay. Clothes and toys were every where. He entered the bedroom, calling for his wife. The room was littered with garbage strewn about by the wet family dog, who in his muddy exhaustion was asleep, sprawled across the unmade white sheets. The man was in a panic now, and entered the bathroom.

There he found his wife, still in her pajamas, sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall. Headphones were on her head, and a book hid her face. He reached out to her, finally getting her attention. She took off the headphones. “What happened?” the man asked.

And she replied “You know how you always ask me what I do all day? Well, today I didn’t do it.”

Good Things




Today I overheard Olivia say to Calvin, when he had finished his dinner:

“Calvin! I’m so proud of you!”

It made me happy. It made me feel like I was doing something good; she got that phrase from me. I try to tell my babies that I’m proud of them and that I notice their small accomplishments – like not having “accidents” or telling the truth or doing something hard.

It seems Olivia has picked up on that.

And that is a good thing. Motherhood is a life of second-guessing oneself.

Introducing a New Artist




Today Olivia wanted to use this.51TDSXZ47DL._AA280_

The first thing we do when we pick up a camera is put the strap around our neck.

Olivia repeats.

I show her some buttons. Push this to take a picture.

Push this to review a picture.

When I get the camera back I see she has pushed some other buttons as well.

I’ve omitted the pictures of me in my G’s – you don’t want to see that. Trust me.

DSC09659Calvin with Tractor

DSC09714Fridge – yes, the calendar is still set to May

DSC09731Mommy’s messy closet.

DSC09751Calvin’s ankles. Mommy thinks they look Yummy.

DSC09760Pose like this Mommy – no, like this. Yeah. Click.

DSC09761Mommy getting ready.

DSC09638Me – as taken by my brother, Cal, when I shared and let him have a turn.

Seriously Contemplating a Move




I am seriously contemplating moving my blog from to a blogspot {or other} hosted domain. Why? A few reasons- the main one being that I can then use for another purpose {most likely photography}

Other reasons too – privacy being my main one – but then – I can privatize this blog on this domain. I don’t know. What do you think?

The Other Is Gold




This week brought the many happy returns of old friends.


Wyatt’s friend Sarah from high school was in town. We got together with her one evening.



Andi called last Saturday and said she and Jeff would be passing through on their way to Yellowstone. My dog Yellow loves to roam . . . By Tuesday she had made it to Salt Lake. We spent time in the afternoon just hanging out, and that night went to dinner with her parents, Cheryl and Chris.



Then on Friday we got a very exciting call from Anna. I had heard through the grapevine that she was moving back but didn’t know when. Friday she was here.


What a great thing it is to have friends.