Welcome Back July!





Dear July,

I’ll admit, I’ve been dreading you all year; shed little tears of anticipation in my heart at the thought of you. You have become overwhelming to me.

Years ago I heard of an organization whose leadership took off the entire month of July to spend with their families. That became my goal; one of the perks of self-employment (are there perks ;)? ) have July be “our family” time.

But you know what they say, life is what happens when you’re making other plans. You mock me, July.

You’ve become too busy. Too hectic. Too stressful. We run (RUN) from one activity to the next with only time to drop our stuff (in the entry way, seriously. Go look.) and grab our next needed gear and race out again.

It’s not fun.

It’s not productive.

It’s not relaxing.

It does not fill our days with the necessary fun of boredom required to endure the long and monotonous school year.

Dear July, I’m going to work on  you. Like a zealous gardener pruning a tree that has grown out of control, I will hack at you with great determination, cutting back on activities and yeses and time away from home. I will focus my time on staying home, cleaning, cooking, telling the kids to go out side and puh-lease, for the zillionth time, close the door.

I will trim you back until you are sparse, simple, and beautiful once again.

Next year, I promise.

Christensen Camp Out




I forgot my camera, so I’m gathering pics from other family members of the weekend.

This year we resurrected the Christensen Family Camp Out. It was vetoed for a couple years, but this year everyone was back on board.

Wade and Katie drove across the country with their six (SIX!) kids (Wade and Katie only have 3 kids, but they are fostering an additional 3 kids for the summer). Wynn and Heidi came from Arizona.

We had a lot of fun at the lake. We rented wave runners, and camped and played and ate really yummy food. It was a good time for everyone!

Fat Dad




Roo in bed for the night . . .


Funny Story:

Wyatt took the kids to Fathers and Sons a few weeks ago. In the morning Everett reported to his dad and others at the campfire listening about his night sleeping on an air matress in the tent.

“My bed started to get flat in the night. But then my Fat Dad got on my bed, and it went back up.”

I laughed and laughed when I heard the story . . . apparently so did everyone else at Fathers and Sons.


Happy Fathers Day Wyatt!

And Now We’re Back to Summer




The kids on the last day of school . . . already changed and ready for some fun!


No more pencils.
No more books.
No more teachers
Dirty looks.

School is over.
School is done.
We can stop learning
And start having fun.

Our First Week of Summer

Saturday: road trip to St. George. First a detour to Zion’s National Park, a drive through the Zion’s tunnel looking for the tunnel troll, then a hike to Crying (Weeping) Rock where Everett and Roo were very concerned about the poor rock and why it was so sad. Then on to St. George for a play at Tuacahn. It was so fun!


We stopped to get gas in some tiny town (Holden maybe?) and they had this funny little petting zoo attached to the gas station. Too funny!


If I had a million dollars I would buy you an exotic pet, like a Llama . . .


. . . or an Emu!






Weeping Rock


Sunday: Carrie’s baby Avery’s blessing. He’s such a cutie! Then hanging out with the fam. We finally hit the road about 8:45 pm . . . and broke down in Fillmore about 11:30. Luckily we broke down right at the exit. Time from break-down to having the kiddos tucked into bed at the local motel: 10 minutes. Not bad for a break down!


We had six babies born in the Brock family this year. Here are four of them: Atticus, Kayla, Addie, and Nate. We’re missing Avery and Aiden.


Monday: Hanging out in Fillmore waiting for the car to get fixed. That night (we made it back just in time) is organization day for Baseball!


This is how the kids waited patiently at the mechanics shop. ;-)




Tuesday: Swimming Lessons! YAHOO! So fun! Also, grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry . . . you know.


Wednesday: Swimming Lessons, a stop to Kirtland’s Lemonade stand, and then off to the pool. Then back home in time for Baseball games at the park.


Thursday: Cleaning and reorganizing the basement (we’ve moved bedrooms around again, and all the mess that that entails).

Friday: Working on the quilt, afternoon at the pool, evening at the cabin for our first summer BBQ and watching “Freaky Friday” (old school) late into the night.

Saturday: Waking up at the cabin, blueberry waffles, four wheelers and going to the lake. Catching 3 fish and 3 frogs. Canoeing to the island. Playing all afternoon, home in time for a movie on the deck.





I Love to See the Temple





The day after Wyatt got home, right after Ejo’s preschool graduation, we headed south for the Payson Temple Dedication.

It was so beautiful – perhaps the prettiest temple I’ve ever been inside (beside the Salt Lake, because, you know . . . )

It was so special to be there with my entire family. The kids were awed as we walked through one beautiful space after another. It was a lovely way to spend a few hours.

Everett Graduates from Preschool





Everett finished preschool on May 22nd. He had his preschool program and we said good bye to his friends. At the end of the summer, he knows, he will go to kindergarten; ride the bus and go to the school with Olivia and Calvin.

I’m so proud of him and his efforts in preschool. It is the most marvelous thing, to see each child progress in their turn.