Happy Birthday Wyatt #39




IMG_0333Wyatt has entered his last year in his 30’s!

For his birthday, and considering how overwhelmed and busy he’s been, I arranged for the kids to spend the night at Grandma’s house so he and I could have some legit down time.

We went downtown to get some Southern BBQ at R&R BBQ, then went back up town to watch movies at home. We sat around and did nothing in particular. It was heavenly.

*Of course, the minute the kids are away, we miss them like crazy*

Saturday we slept in and took a slow morning before going out and (what else) looking at Real Estate. We picked up the kids and headed home in time for the adult session of Stake Conference, which Wyatt was logistically in charge of. IMG_0334

Sunday (his actual birthday) we celebrated with presents as soon as he got home from his morning meetings. Everett especially couldn’t wait to give Daddy his present – an army guy with a parachute. Everett kindly offered to help dad play with it. ;)

That evening we had the Smiths and Reimann’s come over for ice cream and cake.


Girls Weekend




Olivia has told me all winter that she was really looking forward to our special girls weekend. But when spring break came and we were WAAAAY too busy (well, Wyatt was too busy – remember this) to get out of town.

Olivia was worried it wouldn’t happen. Frankly, I didn’t have much hope either. Finally instead of asking me she went straight to her daddy. She told him how disappointed she would be if we missed our annual trip. He said we’d better do it then!

So we went to St. George. We left on a Friday afternoon and came home Sunday morning before church. We packed a whole lot of fun in that short time though. Some things we did:

  • Played with our cousins
  • Went to dinner at a Hawaiian cafe
  • Went shoe shopping, Olivia got these:

Mint Green Converse Shoes

  • Went out to ride the horses, got caught in a wind storm and did not ride the horses
  • Went hiking at the Red Cliffs – see pictures:




  •  Went to dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe – Olivia’s favorite resturaunt!
  • Went to Aunt Karen’s to make a fun flip-flop art project of Olivia’s desire!

As you can see we had a great time! I’m so glad we’ve started this fun tradition!

Softball, Baseball, and T-Ball




After a game one night during spring break, I had all the neighborhood baseball buddies come over to our house for a late-over movie night.

This year we decided to play spring ball rather than summer ball – we’re trying to have less busyness in the summer.

Olivia is playing softball in a draper league. Her games are Monday’s and Wednesday’s with practices on either Tuesday’s or Thursday’s depending . . . all the way down in south Draper.

Calvin and Everett are on the same baseball team, along with their neighborhood buddies, Braydon, Jace, Sawyer, and Owen. Wyatt is coaching that team. Their games are also on Monday and Wednesday nights up the street by the high school.


Roo’s little T-Ball team.

And Roo is playing on a tee-ball team with his buddy, our neighbor, Reed. They have games on Monday and Wednesday nights at the same fields as the other boys, though at different times.

So . . . Monday’s and Wednesdays have been – ahem – hectic. But all the kids are doing great and having a ton of fun!

Sunday – The Book of Mormon




Last winter I was awake in the early hours with a little one. As I rocked the baby in the pink-grey light, I really tried to meditate on the things that challenge me.

One thing I worried about was how to guide my children in the gospel. How would I protect and fortify their growing testimonies against the palpable darkness that is permeating all around me?

So that morning I listened to the creak of the rocker, and prayed about how to guide my children. And the answer came clearly: The Book of Mormon.

I told Wyatt about that impression. The Book of Mormon would be the key to giving my children sound doctrinal testimonies of the gospel that will anchor them to the Church of Jesus Christ. Even when others have testimonies that waver and question and doubt, those who have real understanding and knowledge of the Book of Mormon will be able to withstand. It was such a clear and simple, and powerful answer. And I instantly recognized both the simple truth and the great obviousness of it. It has renewed my commitment to our scripture reading with the littles.

This week I saw this, and it reminded me of that early morning answer.

Time Lapse




I always think I should put a time lapse camera on my kitchen – just to show how quickly and how many times in a 24 hour period it gets messy and clean. This isn’t 24 hours, just a few minutes one afternoon while I cleaned it up.